Electrical design, engineering and consultancy solutions for Medium and High Voltage Substation and Switchgears  in different sectors such as

 Renewables, Data centres,  Utility project such as Contestable DSO/TSO projects, Industrial Projects.

Secondary Design/Engineering

Basic Drawings such as:

• Single Line Diagram
• Protection Single Line Diagram
• Trip Matrix
• Control and Interlock Logic Diagram
• CT/VT Calculation
• AC/DC Calculation (Battery Sizing, Cable Sizing etc.)
• Signal List
• Panel Front View
• Panel Arrangement and layout

Full Detail Schematic Drawing such as:
• Protection Panel (Line, Transformer, Busbar …)
• Control Panel
• Control and Protection for the MV Switchgears
• AVR Panel for Transformer OLTC
• AC/DC Distribution Panel
• SCADA Panels
• Remote interrogation Panel
• Marshalling Panel
• Tele-protection Panel


Primary Design/Engineering

• Substation Layout and Section drawings for outdoor switchyards
• Technical specifications and submittals of all primary equipment
such as CT,VT, CVT, Transformer, CB, DS/ES etc.
• Earthing Studies
• Lightning Calculation


Substation Automation System (SAS) and SCADA
Full Engineering and Design Services for the SAS and SCADA

• Design of Network Architecture
• Single Line Diagram with Topological Colouring
• Topological Interlocking
• Safe Command Processing, Lockout-Tagout
• Seamless routing of commands and signals among protocols, such as IEC 61850, Modbus TCP, DNP3 etc.

• Alarm Management
• Sequence of Events
• Trend View

• Collection and Investigation of Disturbance Records

• Integrated Historian
• Seamless Process Server Redundancy such as PRP, HSR
and RSTP
• Automatic Switching Sequences
• Programmable Soft Logic (IEC 61131-3)
• Mobile Event Notification
• Secure Remote Access
• Design of Network Architecture
• Configuring the gateways and RTU’s
• Configuring the IEDs (IEC 61850 MMS and GOOSE)
• Issuing BOM for all the required Hardware and Software