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Your premier Electrical Engineering partner founded in August 2022 and proudly based in Ireland. We are dedicated to offering a comprehensive range of top-notch solutions, specializing in the Design and Engineering of MV and HV Electrical Infrastructures for clients throughout Ireland, the UK, and Europe.

At ONYX Engineering, we take great pride in our startup journey, which has allowed us to rapidly develop expertise in substation design and engineering. With a team boasting years of experience and a relentless drive for innovation, we are wholeheartedly committed to delivering the highest quality of service in our field

Our expert team of professionals is well-versed in the latest technological advancements and design standards and the relevant guidelines. This ensures that your substation not only operates with utmost safety and efficiency but also complies with all the requisite industry benchmarks. Whether you require a new substation built from the ground up or seek to elevate an existing one, our dedicated team is ready to provide unparalleled assistance.

We understand that each project is unique, and that’s why we approach every endeavor with a tailored perspective. Our client-centric approach involves thorough understanding of your specific requirements, goals, and challenges, allowing us to craft solutions that perfectly align with your needs.

Our Services

Our innovation-driven mindset allows us to stay ahead of the curve, consistently delivering cutting-edge solutions that drive success for our clients.

Substation Design for MV and HV substation

We offer comprehensive design and engineering services, from initial planning and conceptual design to detailed engineering and construction support.

Control and protection Design

Our comprehensive protection and control design services safeguard your assets and equipment, mitigating potential risks and minimizing downtime

Power System Studies

Unlock the full potential of your electrical infrastructure with our Power System Studies service to ensure optimal reliability and efficiency.

Substation Automation System and SCADA

Elevate your substation’s capabilities with our cutting-edge Substation Automation System and SCADA service. Harness the power of automation and real-time data visualization to streamline operations, enhance control, and improve overall system performance.

System Integration

Achieve seamless synergy across your entire electrical infrastructure with our System Integration service. Our expert team meticulously connects disparate components and technologies into a harmonious ecosystem, enabling smooth data exchange and coordinated functionality.

In every project we undertake, we approach it with an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. Our collaborative process ensures that we understand your needs thoroughly, allowing us to tailor solutions that surpass expectations.

Our Contributions

Industries We Serve!

As a forward-thinking company, we are deeply committed to the Renewable Energy sector. Embracing the global shift towards sustainable solutions, we offer innovative engineering and design services for renewable energy projects

In the Distribution and Transmission Utility sector, we are a trusted partner providing reliable and efficient engineering solutions with a profound understanding of power distribution networks and transmission systems.

In the rapidly evolving Data Centre sector, we are at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge electrical engineering solutions. Our team’s proficiency in designing and optimizing power distribution systems for data centres ensures utmost reliability, scalability, and energy efficiency.

For industrial plants, we offer a comprehensive suite of electrical engineering services that optimize productivity and safety. Our expertise in designing and implementing robust electrical systems ensures seamless operations, smooth automation, and adherence to industry standards.

Looking for expert assistance with industrial solutions?

Look no further! Our team of seasoned professionals is here to help you achieve streamlined and efficient operations for your industry needs. Contact us today to embark on a journey towards easier and smarter industrial solutions!